Pathways uses PSYCH-K and the Evolution of Consciousness to navigate through the “roadblocks” of the subconscious mind. PSYCH-K is a ground-breaking approach to facilitating change at the subconscious level where at least 95% of our consciousness operates. 

As a non-invasive healing art process, PSYCH-K transcends the standard methods of visualization, affirmations, will power, and positive thinking especially effective in the areas of behavioral/habit change, wellness and stress reduction.

PSYCH-K facilitators work with members to identify their individual roadblocks of the subconscious mind. These limiting subconscious beliefs can affect all aspects of life including: personal relationships, self-esteem, financial prosperity, career choices, even an individual’s health and fitness.

Using a unique blend of various tools for change; some contemporary and some ancient, and derived from contemporary neuroscience research, properly trained PSYCH-K facilitators help members learn to retrain their mind, to establish new personal beliefs and perceptions that allow them to expand their potential in every are of life.

Free You Mind From The Prison of Limiting Beliefs

Beliefs are conclusions derived from prior information and/or experiences. Beliefs can be both conscious and non-conscious.

Perception is awareness shaped by our beliefs. Thus, beliefs control your perceptions. When one rewrites beliefs, you rewrite your perceptions. When you rewrite your perceptions, you rewrite your genes and your behaviors.

- Perception “controls” behavior

- Perception “controls” genes

- Perception “rewrites” genes

- Perception “rewrites” behavior

Your beliefs determine your biological and behavioral reality. Beliefs are the filters of reality. You see the world not as it is, but as you are!