Who We Are

The Harmonic Pathway Center is owned and operated by Cindy Pedrotty, a certified PSYCH-K and Harmonic Egg facilitator dedicated to telling people there is more meant for you in this life than merely surviving. You were meant to thrive. To experience life free of limiting believe, negative thinking and challenging behaviors.

First introduced to PSYCH-K through research into Bruce Lipton and his teaching that you are what you believe. Through this process, which is a blended mix of ancient tools and modern psychology, She realized that within you is an intelligence that helps you adapt to life’s circumstances and situations. Psych K was the spark that told her subconscious mind to start making changes, to get rid of the pain and trauma and overcome the limitations beliefs preventing her from living the life She could have.

As she continued exploring alternative healing Cindy was introduced to the Harmonic Egg, a healing chamber that focuses sound, frequency vibration and light waves. Many of her friends were finding relief from ailments that nothing else was helping like Lyme disease and fiber myalgia. After experiencing for herself the stress relief she knew it was going to help many people. The Harmonic Egg resets the body to reduce/eliminate the stress causing the disease or symptoms. Healing can occur on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Cindy has now combined these two cutting-edge modalities into a powerful and specialized therapeutic treatment program.

Opening The Harmonic Pathways Balancing Center is my Way of exploring new worlds. When my life wasn’t working and my body started rebelling from stress and depression I discovered it was safe to find new ways to heal myself.

I encourage you to follow that which is unusual or alternative. The Harmonic Egg is the most unique immersion experience to help heal the body naturally with sound and light to rebalance your body on a cellular level so whether you’re asleep or awake it’s working. The results that we can all achieve might be hard to understand, out of our comfort zone and seem unreasonable but with a little faith and research, why not see how powerful you can be. 


The Harmonic Pathways Balancing Center is my Way of exploring new worlds.